Monthly Archives: September 2022

NHC Live 9/14/22: “The Wrath of Khan” 40th Anniversary Retrospective!

It’s an NHC first! We’re going over to the dark side and talking some Trek! It’s the 40th anniversary of Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, so we decided to dig into the film in detail and give our opinions and recollections of a movie that’s SO good that even hardcore Star Wars nerds can’t deny its greatness!

NHC Live 8/31/22: Ranking the Infinity Saga, Part Two!

Part two of a two-parter! We tackle the MCU’s Infinity Saga on this episode, ranking them from last to first. Last episode, we hit the bottom half of our lists and went from 12 to 23! This time we hit the top half of our lists and find out which film each of us has ranked as the king (or queen) of all the Infinity Saga movies!