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NHC Live 3/13/24: Disney’s “The Black Hole” Review!

Disney released The Black Hole in 1979 hoping to capitalize on the popularity of Star Wars – and didn’t really hit the mark. Whether you love or hate this film, there’s no doubt that it’s certainly… something… to behold! We review this cult classic Disney film and give our thoughts on how close to – or far away from – the mark the creators of this movie came to Star Wars greatness!

NHC Live 12/8/23: “A Disturbance In The Force” Review!

Let’s face it… The Holiday Special is the most craptastic piece of work that has EVER been released in the Star Wars universe. Finally… someone has explained how it all came together! On this episode, we review the new documentary A Disturbance In The Force and finally get answers to the age-old questions – what the hell was going on and what the hell were they thinking??

NHC Live 12/21/22: A Tale of Two Christmas Stories!

We’ve finally gotten a PROPER sequel to the 1983 Christmas classic A Christmas Story – but does it live up to the hype? Does it even come anywhere CLOSE to the original? We dig into HBO Max’s “A Christmas Story Christmas” – and revisit JT’s all-time favorite Christmas movie, “A Christmas Story”! (That’s a lot of Christmas…)