About the Show

The Nerfherder Council is a podcast centered around two fans’ love of all things Star Wars. The show hosts, Jon (JT) and Adam (AJ) Drake, offer up their take on various topics and news from a galaxy far, far away. Sometimes informative, sometimes uninformed, the show is a freeform discussion with many entertaining tangents along the way.

Jon Drake (@dawgpoundjedi)

Jon became a Star Wars fan before he’d even started preschool. He saw Star Wars: A New Hope (then simply titled “Star Wars“) during its re-release ahead of The Empire Strikes Back and dragged his parents to see it two more times that same weekend! More than wearing his passion on his sleeve, it’s when he’s *not* wearing sleeves that his level of dedication is on display. Jon has attended five Star Wars Celebration events and taken part in Lucasfilm focus groups. Among his favorite Star Wars items are J.W. Rinzler’s The Making of Star Wars books, and his vintage Kenner Millennium Falcon. He is a self-professed Han Solo honk, and always shoots first. Just ask his wife!

Adam (AJ) Drake (@drakeadams579)

Adam had no choice but to become a Star Wars fan, having Jon as his older brother. One of his earliest memories is going to see Return of the Jedi in the theater when he was 4 years old. The release of the Special Editions rekindled his love of the franchise and hasn’t let up since. He is an unabashed fan of The Clone Wars, and earned induction to the famed 501st Legion as ARC trooper “Hammer”. His collection of Lego Star Wars sets currently numbers over 100 and counting.

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