Monthly Archives: December 2023

NHC Live 12/20/23: “Violent Night” Film Review with the Fright Lab Podcast!

It’s the holiday season, and what says “Merry Christmas!” more than the NHC sitting down with another show – the excellent horror podcast Fright Lab, hosted by our amazing friend Joseph Wren – and digging into the instant holiday classic* Violent Night! I mean, let’s face it: if you can’t get into the holiday spirit by watching Santa kicking ass and taking (gory) names, then you just aren’t doing Christmas right – are you?

* It’s not really a classic, but it IS Santa slaughtering bad guys, so…

NHC Live 12/8/23: “A Disturbance In The Force” Review!

Let’s face it… The Holiday Special is the most craptastic piece of work that has EVER been released in the Star Wars universe. Finally… someone has explained how it all came together! On this episode, we review the new documentary A Disturbance In The Force and finally get answers to the age-old questions – what the hell was going on and what the hell were they thinking??