The Nerfherder Council is on TikTok!

Hey all! We’ve finally launched a TikTok channel! We honestly have no idea what we’re doing with this platform yet, but it exists, and we need followers. You know what to do! We’re going to be experimenting with lots of different kinds of content and

NHC Live 2/1/23: In Defense of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!!

Let’s face it… the fourth installment in the Indiana Jones franchise is pretty much maligned by almost all fans of the series. Let’s also face it… most of those people are WRONG! On this episode, JT and special guest host Sean Faust explain why this movie is criminally underrated and deserves a lot more respect than it gets!

NHC Live 12/21/22: A Tale of Two Christmas Stories!

We’ve finally gotten a PROPER sequel to the 1983 Christmas classic A Christmas Story – but does it live up to the hype? Does it even come anywhere CLOSE to the original? We dig into HBO Max’s “A Christmas Story Christmas” – and revisit JT’s all-time favorite Christmas movie, “A Christmas Story”! (That’s a lot of Christmas…)