NHC Live 3/13/24: Disney’s “The Black Hole” Review!

Disney released The Black Hole in 1979 hoping to capitalize on the popularity of Star Wars – and didn’t really hit the mark. Whether you love or hate this film, there’s no doubt that it’s certainly… something… to behold! We review this cult classic Disney film and give our thoughts on how close to – or far away from – the mark the creators of this movie came to Star Wars greatness!

NHC Live 2/14/24: Bad Batch Season 3 Expectations!

We’re on record as being big fans of the animated Clone Wars series Bad Batch… and while we’re sad to see it go after only three seasons, we’re excited to see what the upcoming final season holds in store for Clone Force 99! We give OUR thoughts on what we expect to be getting from this penultimate season of one of our favorite shows!

NHC Live 1/17/24: Attack of the Clones vs. Revenge of the Sith!

Say what you want about the Star Wars prequels – but it’s common knowledge that Revenge of the Sith is the best of the three films.

Or is it?

Virtual Cantina legend Spencer Jawitz claims that Attack of the Clones is the best of the trilogy – and JT vehemently disagrees! On this episode, JT and Spencer go head to head to attempt to solve this debate once and for all!

NHC Live 12/20/23: “Violent Night” Film Review with the Fright Lab Podcast!

It’s the holiday season, and what says “Merry Christmas!” more than the NHC sitting down with another show – the excellent horror podcast Fright Lab, hosted by our amazing friend Joseph Wren – and digging into the instant holiday classic* Violent Night! I mean, let’s face it: if you can’t get into the holiday spirit by watching Santa kicking ass and taking (gory) names, then you just aren’t doing Christmas right – are you?

* It’s not really a classic, but it IS Santa slaughtering bad guys, so…